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Article Notes from: "China's audacious infrastructure plans could put a major strain on African economies"

Article Notes from:  China’s audacious infrastructure plans could put a major strain on African economies.

Article Key Points:
China’s One Bridge One Road (OBOR) began as an idea in 2013 to expand Chinese economic influence
OBOR involves roughly 60 countries at an estimated cost of $5 trillion US. This money pays for new rail networks, pipelines ad roads “across Asia, Europe and Africa.
Africa remains wary of what OBOR means to their nations.
China’s alleged focus is on Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia. Other countries of interest are “Cameroon to Namibia and Nigeria”.African states fear China will take their resources, and leave countries without developmentAfricans also fear China will use their market to sell cheap Chinese products, while subverting local business interestsWill China bring political, economic and social growth, or will it kowtow to the current regimes?How much debt does Africa have to go with Chinese banks to reap rewards for Chinese business?Will land be stolen from the p…

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