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Friday, May 20, 2011

Guerrilla and Counterguerrilla Operations circa 1967

Title: Selected Readings in Guerrilla and Counterguerrilla Operations
Producer: Army Infantry School
Date: 1967
File Size:  16.54 Megabyte
Pages: 232
It is available at... Click Here

Thursday, May 12, 2011

CATALYST (Computer Aided Tools for Analysis of Science and Technology

ODNI Describes Emerging Tools for Data Fusion, Analysis

Sent to you by SWOT Hunter via Google Reader:

via Secrecy News by Steven Aftergood on 5/10/11

Several intelligence community initiatives to develop improved tools for data search, analysis and fusion were described in the latest report to Congress (pdf) from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on data mining.
A new program called DataSphere is intended "to aid in the discovery of unknown terrorism relationships and the identification of previously undetected terrorist and terrorism information" through analysis of communication networks and travel patterns.
A continuing program called Catalyst seems to be a glorified search engine that "will enable data fusion/analytic programs to share disparate repositories with each other, to disambiguate and cross-correlate the different agencies' holdings, and to discover and visualize relationship/network links, geospatial patterns, temporal patterns and related correlations."
Although these and other initiatives do not yet constitute or engage in "data mining," they were described in the new report "in the interest of transparency," ODNI said.  See "2010 Data Mining Report," Office of the Director of National Intelligence, April 2011.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Azerbaijan: Teaching the ABCs of How to Be a Sniper |

    Motivations for signing up for the VMPTSTS sniper school vary widely. The
    youngest sniper student, 15-year-old Orhan Hojayev, is an Internally
    Displaced Person from Agdam, a sprawling, ruined town in northwestern
    Azerbaijan, which is now occupied by Armenian forces. "I want to become a
    good shot in order to be useful in a fight against the enemy in case of
    war," Hojayev stated flatly.