National Security Strategy

The link to the current National Security Strategy dated Februray 2015 is:

Articles referring to the National Security Strategy will be labeled:

International Order

The full breakdown for each category follows.

Strengthen Our National Defense 
Reinforce Homeland Security 
Combat the Persistent Threat of Terrorism 
Build Capacity to Prevent Conflict
Prevent the Spread and Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction  
Confront Climate Change  
Assure Access to Shared Spaces 
Increase Global Health Security

Put Our Economy to Work 
Advance Our Energy Security
Lead in Science, Technology, and Innovation
Shape the Global Economic Order
End Extreme Poverty

Live Our Values
Advance Equality
Support Emerging Democracies
Empower Civil Society and Young Leaders
Prevent Mass Atrocities

International Order
Advance Our Rebalance to Asia and the Pacific  
Strengthen Our Enduring Alliance with Europe  
Seek Stability and Peace in the Middle East and North Africa   
Invest in Africa’s Future   
Deepen Economic and Security Cooperation in the Americas

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