Protesters Marching all over Washington DC, and the World, Suffering Self-Induced Socio-Political Epileptic Fit, but Nobody Knows Why, Including Themselves?

CNN commentators on Don Lemon’s show during the evening of the 21Jan17 stated the demonstrations were not about Donald Trump. However, the Washington Post states the protestors marches were against Donald Trump. Which is it?

Out of the 1465 words in the Washington Post article, “Women’s Marches: Millions of protesters around the country vow to resist Donald Trump.”, there were only roughly 341 words of possible content; and, only 34 words of actual substance (roughly 2% of the whole article). Of the 341 words of possible content, there we only roughly two issues defined that made sense. The Washington Post reports make the mob appear they were suffering a self-induced socio-political epileptic fit.

 “I feel the rights we take for granted could go backwards, and we owe it to our daughters and the next generation to fix this somehow.”

  • Feel rights could go backwards? What rights are they talking about? Who would allow rights to be taken away? She feels she’s losing rights, so she expresses her right to freak out without reason.

“Many said they wanted to take the most public possible stand against Trump, a candidate and now president whom they said routinely insults women and the issues they care about.”

  • How does President Trump routinely insult women?  When did he do this? Where did he do this? He just took office.

“I feel the rights we take for granted could go backwards, and we owe it to our daughters and the next generation to fix this somehow.”

  • This sentence does not make sense. What is there to fix, if nothing happened?

“Cynthia English, a 61-year-old Jamaican-American living in Florida, said she wanted the new president to know that women will be fighting during his presidency to ensure that the country and laws treat them equally.”

  • These 34 words seem to be the only one that have some sense.

“hope that no future president feels comfortable making lewd comments about women”

  • Why does she say the president feels comfortable making lewd comments?  Trump did not say anything as president. Outside that, it appears to be a fair desire regarding the current and future presidents.

“We just feel like we’re going to lose our civil rights.”

  • Okay, what rights are we talking about? Who is going to take them away? Why would they take them away? Where is the logic here? Where is there precedent?  So you protest because you feel something is about to happen, but don’t know what that is?

“Trump’s election was the wake up call that progressives needed, said Erin Edlow, 28, the membership director of the Virginia Beach Young Democrats. She was in town with her sister to demonstrate her support for LGBT and immigrant rights.”

  • Okay, this is the real issue. The progressives don’t want any group that do not follow the ideals of the progressive movement to have a voice in a democratic republic.
  • What “immigrant rights” are the protestors talking about?  If they are legal, there are no issues.

“Activist filmmaker Michael Moore ripped The Washington Post in half, noting the headline “Trump Takes Power” and declaring “I don’t think so.””

  • Michael Moore makes a statement of the obvious. Trump agrees with Michael Moore. Trump repeated multiple times during his ceremony the country and the government body belongs to the people. Moore is right to be mad at the Washington Post for misreporting.

Actress America Ferrera declared that “our new president is waging a war” on the values that define the country with “a credo of hate fear and suspicion of one another.”

  • What war is the president waging? What values is she saying define the country?  Does she know what American’s values are? Does she ascribe to Hollywood values or historic references to American values?
  • Actually Ferrera may be waging war on American values if she’s insinuating breaking the rule of law inherent to the functioning of a nation state.

“It’s been a heart-rending time to be both a woman and an immigrant,” said Ferrera, whose parents are from Honduras. “Our dignity, our character, our rights have been under attack.”

  • What rights are under attack?

“But the president is not America,” she said. “We are America.”

  • This is a statement of the obvious, a platitude. The President never said he was America; he stated we are all Americans.

“The demonstration’s organizers have embraced an imperiled liberal agenda, in sharp contrast to much of what Trump laid out for his presidency. The platform calls for ending violence against women, workers’ rights, reproductive rights, environmental justice, immigrant rights and more.”

  • The Washington Post reporter stated “demonstration’s organizers have embraced an imperiled liberal agenda”. What liberal agendas are imperiled? Are these agendas antithetical to proper functioning of a nation? If not, they should not be imperiled…then again, the article is not clear about what agendas are threatened.


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