Cryptocurrency - Five cryptocurrencies outside of Bitcoin, their functions and benefits.

Top 5 Most Innovative Cryptocurrencies – The Merkle

Steem- operates via a social media site Steemit. Steemit pays users based on content creation, and people voting on the value of the content posted. Steemit allows you to earn virtual money.

NXT- allows users with limited computer capabilities to generate their own cryptocurrency. NXT does not produce cryptocurrency; NXT provides users a mechanism to generate their own currency.

Ripple- like PayPal, but with minimal fees. Users experience a more independent/less-costly means of financial transactions.

Monero- Your financial transactions ARE NOT traceable; and is amateur user-friendly in that a high-graphics machine is not necessary. This medium is a favored darknet mechanism; this article mentioned AlphaBay.

Ethereum- second only to Bitcoin in size, provides users virtual infrastructure and collaboration capability to conduct business.

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